Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Am I still alive?

So, here's the deal. I love coffee. There is no denying that. I enjoy every element of preparing cofffee, presenting it, and watching the expressions on my customers faces... But here in the twin cities... more specifically, South St. Paul, where my shop is... I am finding the customers to be the toughest bunch I have ever dealt with. They just don't understand or seem to appreciate hardly anything going on in the cup. Part of me wonders if this is just life outside of the NW, but part of me also wonders if it's just the area. It frustrates the life out of me.

I've noticed the area seems to be pretty conservative, and people in the area seem to have a lot on their mind. Like, they are just trying to get by. There's little room for patience, and everything seems to be rushed. The stress is rubbing off onto me. I don't like it. I miss SE Portland and the chill people we dealt with there. Yet, this is a new area and I am still trying to push through and give it all a chance.

What makes this experience worth it is the look on someone face when they get it. They see the rosetta and they are impressed and awed by the new artwork before them. Then they taste the coffee, and the notice there is no burnt or bitter taste. Everything is pleasing to the palate. At that moment, something clicks inside them and you can see they fall for what is in their hand. Those few moments have kept me going...

The end for now...

PS. I hate panini's... Many of us need them to keep our high end coffee business alive, but I hate them... fuck panini's.

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Anonymous said...

yes, panini sucks. and the twin cities, for some reason, are swarming with panini. how many times have i sought out a regular old sandwich in minneapolis, only to be forced into purchasing an awful panini?! too many times, damnit. too many times.