Wednesday, May 09, 2007

SCAA & USBC Flickr

Well, thanks to the awesome generosity of Mark Prince, you can now see my entire USBC & SCAA photo sets on Flickr. Just click the link above and you're off!

Thanks so much Mark! I really appreciate it!

There's also a set of pics from the party as well...


Mark said...

No worries - I just wanted to see the pics!

Consider it a tip in the virtual tip jar - next time I get to LA and the cafe is in full force, buy me an espresso if you like.

Really nice seeing you in LB.

mikep said...

Great pictures! Did you by any chance get any videos of the competition?

gabe said...

when are we gonna see you drop by Ritual sucka!?

Anonymous said...

your pictures are F-Amazing!


(p.s. andrew and I made a dessert last night from one of the coffee magazines at Kopplins.... involving coffee and rum... we had to substitue a few ingredients so it wasnt that tasty, but we got to light the rum on fire so all was well)

TheGhost said...

A) Sorry, no videos of the competition. I was too lazy... and I feared filling my memory card.

B) Soon, Gabe, soon. I'm anxious to see you all and how you operate... I'll be there before the end of summer hopefully... money allowing.

Oh, and Mark, come in anytime. Your drinks are on me any day!

Nick said...

have to agree about the judge situation. One judge wrote a comment that my music was to laud. WTF?