Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Bolivia Burns Bright...

Interesting... So, today we had a cup of our Bolivia COE returned to us with the complaint that it was too bright... brighter than normal. The customer (a regular) immediately started looking for a new coffee to pick... I wasn't really cool with this being that our 12 oz. Bolivia is selling for $5.75 a cup... yeah, no joke. Anyway, with a closer investigation, I realized that the Clover I used was set at 206... and the other was set at 201. The second cup from the other Clover yielded a much more balanced cup... anyway, I did turn the temperature down to 204 on the one and raised the other to 202. I just found it interesting that we had this incident. I expect more of these, but I love it... I never imagined the Clover would bring us such events.

In other news, Miguel created a new blend he's calling Mohka Java... a tribute to the origin of coffee. It's partially Sumatra Lake Tawar and then a couple a of our many Ethiopians... Anyway, I kind of expected it to be a good espresso... and I was right. It's bright and slightly earthy... with a tang. It's available on our third grinder right now.

Our second grinder is rocking Alterra's espresso right now... Scott gave us some of their leftovers from the MWRBC... I've never enjoyed a crema like this coffee has... and I know it's kinda old right now... It's stripes, it speckles, it dances on your tongue! It's so sweet! Yeah, I'm diggin' it! Thanks much Scott!


Anonymous said...

so higher temp seems to bring out more acid huh? having only one Clover i haven't played much with temp yet. haven't tried anything over 202 yet. i'll have to raise it to 206 tomorrow and see what happens. amazing the discoveries the clover allows. BTW the GB5 is on order...let the espresso madness begin.

R. Miguel Meza
Paradise Roasters

TruthBrew said...


Buying new toys for the young guys in town ehh?

I'll take a La Marzocco GS3.

Your loyal customer.


scott said...

oh yeah!!!